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RoboCup Junior India 


The robot needs to search through a maze for victims. The robot should, explore as much of the maze as possible, instead find fastest path.


An autonomous robot should follow a black line while overcoming different problems in a modular arena formed by tiles with different patterns.


The objective is to create either a live or streamed, robotic performance that uses a wide variety of technology to engage an audience.


Soccer Lightweight games are played with a well-balanced electronic ball. The ball emits infrared (IR) light in so called “pulsed mode”.


The above foundation is an NGO with the aim to provide the students community an exciting introduction to the field of robotics, a new way to develop technical abilities through hand-on experience with electronics, hardware and software, and a highly motivating opportunity to learn about teamwork while sharing technology with each other.

The foundation will achieve the above goal by organizing RoboCupJunior competition in India and help the selected teams to represent India in the International RoboCup competition year after year.

Our robotics program is designed to introduce students to the core concepts of robotics and programming. From building their first robot to designing advanced mechanisms using sensors and actuators, our students explore the fundamentals of robotics in an engaging and interactive way.

Our coding program is aimed at teaching students the fundamentals of programming using popular languages such as Python and Scratch. Our curriculum is designed to build a strong foundation in programming and computational thinking, preparing students for advanced programming concepts.

Our engineering program is designed to give students hands-on experience with the design and construction of robots. From concept to creation, our students learn the basics of engineering design, including prototyping, testing, and optimization.

Our mathematics program is designed to help students develop a strong foundation in math concepts that are essential for robotics and programming. From algebra to geometry, our students learn the math concepts that enable them to build advanced robots and create complex programs.

RoboCup Junior India Highlights

Check out some of the amazing projects and challenges our students have completed in our STEM club. Our students are constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible with robotics and programming, and we're proud to showcase their achievements.

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